The 80’s are Weird

So I mentioned in my posts about our trip to Philly that we went to the Art Museum, and the ticket to the art museum included admission to the Perelman Building across the street from the main museum.

When we went to the Perelman building there was an exhibition called Patrick Kelly: Runway of Love. Patrick Kelly was a designer in the 80’s. Now, I don’t know anything about high fashion, so maybe I am missing something, but I thought some of these outfits were absolutely bonkers.


So if I wanted to dress fashionably in the 80’s I would have to…


Have a 10 year old sew a heart on my butt (don’t forget the tail!): 80's are weird


Wear a fishbowl hat: 80's are weird
Or a 3-tiered hat: 80's are weird
Rock a banana skirt, put on a mumu coat, or wear slinkies: 80's are weird
Sew buttons onto my butt in the shape of a face: 80's are weird
Cover myself in slime, or layer tank tops (hey, layering is in right now, isn’t it?): 80's are weird
Put a fancy bow on top of my head: 80's are weird


Actually, this last sweater dress looks kind of comfortable.

I’m not trying to knock Patrick Kelly or anything. I was just amused by seeing such a bizarre collection of clothes.